Lenette Azzi-Lessing

“Thanks again, Kim, for a wonderful overview of wellness and the powerful relaxation training! Everyone enjoyed and appreciated it! It was great to meet you and I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your skills and expertise with both the groups!”

PhD Professor of Social Work, Director, Graduate Certificate Programme in Early Childhood Mental Health, Wheelock College, Boston

Coral Yelseth

“I have attended a few talks by motivational speaker, Kim Hewitt. I find them to be extremely insightful and moving as she has a wonderful connection with people, using real life experiences, leaving you with a wonderful feeling of peace and encouragement.”


Head Directress, East London Montessori School

Jackie Orsmond

“Kim has dedicated her life’s work to empower, motivate and inspire others. Her passion and sense of humour comes through in her workshops, leaving you renewed and energized.”


Director, Masithethe Counselling Services

Jeni Campbell

“In reference to Kim’s talk. It was fantastic, the old people loved her, she kept them captivated and could have even spoken for much longer.”


Meals on Wheels, East London

Samantha October

“Kim is a go getter. She goes for what she wants and believes in. What you believe is what you will get!”


Personal Growth Course 2017 Candidate, Life Coaching client

Dhanusha Mahabir

“Kim, a passionate soul, delivering a wealth of wisdom and life-experience. Engaging authentically with the audience and the core elements of the workshop. One leaves feeling both enlightened and motivated. Many thanks, Kim. Look forward to more of your workshops.”


Fellow Counsellor and Workshop Candidate

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