Transformation and people, understandings and enlightenment, creativity and imagination, true potential and growth. These are my passions and motivators, to live the life you truly want to live, learning and healing along your journey of discovery.

Kim Hewitt


With more than 30 years experience in the Corporate and Financial Sector, where I confidently led the Insurance Institute for my region and gained immeasurable experience working in challenging environments with people and transformation, I embarked on a journey following my intuition and passion, which has been more colourful and adventurous than I could have imagined.
As an Inspirational Guide, Life Coach, Counsellor, Motivational speaker and Facilitator, I am learning more and more about people and their true potential daily, offering more ideas and understandings of how to unlock the TRUE YOU.


I completed certain studies with regards to Life coaching and Counselling and practice Mindfulness in my daily life and in my Workshops, Talks and Discussions. I am passionate about facilitation and presently collaborate with Masithethe Counselling Services Personal Growth Courses in this regard. I also offer one on one Counselling and Coaching sessions.  Creativity is high on my value list, and my privately hosted Workshops for groups of clients include this aspect.


On a more corporate level, we facilitate for Level Ground Training Solutions offering amongst other things, Team Building and Leadership experience as well as Business Coaching. Our facilitation aspect also extends to Imsimbi Training, who offer their own specific programmes and packages. success&colour’s customized programmes offered, are presently being launched to large and medium corporations who have their employees personal growth, enhancement and self development, at heart.


Following the publication of my first book listed in terms of a novel, spiritual growth and emotional journey, I am on the brink of publishing my first of three children’s books. As writing is always my passion and because of the creativity aspect and my love of imagination, I presently offer extra mural creative “arts and crafts” for primary school children. This encourages the use of colour fun to enhance positive growth and understanding, whilst at the same time promotes the calmer more “fun” environment in which to develop.



success&colour is my way forward in giving back what I have learnt from others, my research, my findings and my own understandings through life lessons and discoveries. I will continue to grow in order to offer more enlightenment, by teaching and by learning.